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A Bit About Me

  • My Style

  • I am a learning experience platform designer specializing in human-centered communication inspired by Trauma-Informed Care. I create performance-based vetting systems for digital communities and I am currently pursuing a second master's degree in digital curriculum design and digital publishing with a focus on accessibility and Universal Design for Learning (UDL). With an M.Ed in Assistive Technology, my specialties include Universal Design for Learning, Project Based Learning Curriculum Design, and Instructional Design.

  • My Social Impact:

  • Created 3 trauma-informed certifications, resulting in a reported 60% increase in learner satisfaction.

  • Mentored and trained community managers in the tech industry on trauma-aware practices, leading to a reported 65% increase in skill capacity.

  • Co-developed personal development courses with Generation Mindful, featuring expert presentations and e-books that taught the interpersonal skills to transform codependent and addictive behaviors, with a 95% success rate among course attendees.

  • Developed and implemented a peer-vetted list of over 35 professionals demonstrating competency in human-centered communication and trauma-informed decision-making skills.

  • Learn more about our 2023 Social Impact Report at

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