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Instructional Design and Assistive Technology 

I am a dedicated curriculum and instructional designer with a specialty in the ADDIE, SAM, and UDL Instructional frameworks. I am skilled in creating competency-based, learning assessments and online course development for engaged adult learning experiences. Seeking opportunities to leverage my skills to successfully carry out all you need and more as a Learning Experience Designer specializing in working with educators, non-governmental organizations, and wellness professionals.


Generation Mindful

Instructional Designer, 

Inclusion Specialist (Contract)


Integrate Trauma Informed Network;

Learning Experience Designer; Instructional Design. (Self--Employed)

  • Develop common core and CASEL standards-aligned Social Emotional Learning Curriculum and Phonics based text for PSK-5th graders. 

  • Develops inclusive and specialized activities within the Curriculum Design Process -Assists and develops GenM Content Development team in creating equitable and diverse lesson plans, curriculum, and professional development. 

  • Developing common core and CASEL standards-aligned Social Emotional Learning Curriculum and Phonics based text for PSK-5th graders.

  • Create and develop self-paced content around trauma-informed care to therapists, educators, medical professionals, and mind body practitioners.

  • Design online conferences and online courses for adult learners in human service provider fields. 

  • Organize and develop e-learning networking meetings among professionals working within the Trauma Informed framework. 

  • Develops engaging learning experiences in a Learning Management System (Google Classroom and Adobe Products.

  • Design learning experiences using the ADDIE +Universal for Design Model of Instruction.


Special School District of St. Louis County;

Accessibility Specialist; Low Vision/Blind Assistive Technologist

  • Use learning methodologies focused on students with low-incidence disabilities in under-resourced communities increasing outcomes from 25% to 90%. 

  • Create web-based learning experiences for diverse adult and child audiences - Evaluate effectiveness and accessibility of different e-learning resources and educational technology 

  • Write learning assessments for students with low incidence disabilities that are standards-based

  • Provide learning development opportunities to general education staff on Universal Design for Learning and accessibility assessments for learners with low incidence disability to determine how assistive technology would integrate into educational routine and setting.

  • Analyze intervention data to refine inclusive instructional processes with an average 10% increase in student performance per quarter.

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