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Suzanne Tucker, CEO of
Generation Mindful

Julie is one of those talented professionals, who, inspired by evidence-based practices, can apply what she knows to help solve real problems for

real people in real time.  

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Victoria Emanuela, Founder of Gentle Season

Julie can shape and structure courses and curricula that produces effective outcomes and is creative by design. It's amazing to see her move through this process with such ease and discernment.

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Joy Page, Owner of 
Joy of Yoga

Julie truly lives and breathes this work. Her knowledge of and passion for helping others find their healing and the practices that will support them best is vast. The resources Julie has access to and the experience and knowledge to implement them is inspiring. We are so fortunate to have her as part of our team

As the instructional designer, I created this course for Integrate Trauma Informed Network for the people in our network to better understand Universal Design as a whole and how it impacts the we facilitate and design trainings

My role: Instructional Designer

This was the scope and sequence and curriculum I developed for my Project Based Learning Certification with Amy Baeder of the Project Based Learning Network.   In this curriuclum, I demonstrate the following:

-How to build a robust project based learning curriculum experience

-Variation in rigor to meet the needs of diverse learners.

-Scaffolding to build key technology, communication and literacy based skills from beginning to end of curriculum

-Universally designed ways to offer challenge to both special needs and gifted learners.

My role: Curriculum Developer

I worked with the owner and subject matter Expert, Joy Page, owner of Joy of Yoga to write a Trauma Informed Yoga Curriculum that they could use.  We collaborated and weaved together a trauma informed yoga section into  their  already curated yoga teacher training curriculum. We added sections that incorporate best practices in Trauma Informed Care, Scenarios and adult learning practices for building a trauma informed yoga class.



My role: Curriculum Developer

Skills demonstrated:

-Presenting effective outcomes

-Embedding a Vyond Video into a Rise 360 Course

-Centering the narrative and voice of a Subject Matter Expert into the tone of the course design

Skills demonstrated:

-Responsive Course on Adobe Captivate

-Designing with an embedded glossary as a resource for 

-Use of 5 user interactions

Learners and Training guide can be found at:

My role: Instructional Designer

 Learning Guide to this E-Learning Experience 

Skills demonstrated:

-Creating a Quick Card Tutorial for technology specific task

-Articulate 360 Skills

-Voice Over

-Mastery steps to achieve outcomes

-Articulate 360 Experience

My role: Inclusive Learning Designer