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- Improved accessibility for all employees.
- Easier performance development and training.

Articulate 360: A Quick Guide on the Focus 40 Refreshable Braille Display with Special School District of St. Louis County

My Role: Senior Instructional Designer 
The Problem:  Several employees were struggling to access basic tutorials to use the Focus 40 Braille Display.  The reported videos were too long.  They just wanted a quick card with a Voice reading the text to them.
Solution:   Using a micro-course template in Articulate 360 template, I create a multi-sensory tutorial with the steps on how to access Focus 40 while I did a Voice over for the tutorial
Data: Users reported a 60% increase in confidence in working with Focus 40 using our tutorial after interacting device using our Articulate 360 Tutorial Quick Guide

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steps in tutorial for "A Quick Guide on the Focus 40 Braille Display
Genially: Microlearning Tutorial Apple Voice Over  

My Role: Technical Trainer
The Problem: 
The staff was overwhelmed by the amount of information presented in a single accessible technology tutorial. They were performing low on technical skill assessments
The Solution: 
Rewrite the tutorial in a microlearning format in the following format:

Data Analysis:  The workers in this performance-based training reported a task retention rate of using the Apple iOS device on 65% over baseline after completing this tutorial everyday 12 days.

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computer open with words that say "Apple Voice over for iPad"
Reiki for Trauma Care with Gentle Season 
My Role: Senior Instructional Designer 
The Problem:  Several Reiki clients had reported to a healing arts studio owner that the Reiki Practitioners were creating mental instability in some clients whose therapists had referred them to the healing arts studio for Reiki. 
Solution:  I did an Action Map session with the studio owner and determined the best way to address the problem was by offering a self-paced full course for current practitioners and a micro-course for practitioners that were new to the studio.  The micro-course was meant to communicate the healing arts community's commitment to holding trauma-informed stands in their client-facing services.
Data: Users reported an 80% increase in confidence and clarity using trauma-informed practices for the Reiki environment.

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Mainpage of course "Reiki for Trauma Care"

Storyboarding: Generation Mindful Social-Emotional Improvisation Parenting Course 

My Role: Senior Instructional Designer 
The Problem:  Parents who bought snuggle buddies from Generation Mindful requested more educational materials to use with their snuggle buddies to support their young kids in developing their emotional development 
Solution:  In the storyboard, the Generation Mindful Team and I sequenced the Social Emotional Improvisation curriculum into a scope and sequence aligned with the learning video media for the course.
Data: This course will be launching in December 2023. TBD on data.
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