Instructional Design Portfolio

Blending my background in instructional design and assistive technology with 8+ years of experience,  I empower small businesses and organizations solve equity and inclusion-based problems in their digital learning designs.

Articulate 360: A Quick Guide on the Focus 40 Refreshable Braille Display with Special School District of St. Louis County

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My role in this micro-course design was to develop a quick, interactive guide with specific steps to support instructional support staff working with students and adult employees who use a Focus 40 Assistive Technology device. The quick guide was meant to be something the learner could refer to on the job as they were interacting with the learner who used the Focus 40

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Rise 360: Reiki for Trauma Care with Gentle Season

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In this course, I was working with Subject Matter Expert and Death Doula, Victoria Emanuela on developing a free mini-course as a lead-in for their higher-dollar course: Reiki for Trauma and Grief Care.   The lead-in course aimed to give learners:


1. Give key definitions of trauma


2. Offer a sneak peek into the skills Victoria will teach her larger dollar item course


3.  Create formative assessments between each module to check for understanding in learner responses to the new content and to better help the learning team determine current learner needs.

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Kajabi: Reparenting Yourself Masterclass with Generation Mindful

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As the Senior Instructional Designer of the Generation Mindful Reparenting Masterclass, the learning and development team's goal was to synthesize the learning materials of parenting experts into an online learning experience that could be easily palatable for our target audience: stressed-out parents.

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