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- Improved accessibility for all employees.
- Easier performance development and training.

-Learning experiences that build community and engagement.


My Role: Senior Instructional Designer 
The Problem:  Educators wanted to advocate for a quality assurance framework that set a standar for how alernative educational materials were created in their school district 
Solution:  Create a macro-course that empowers educators to use perusasive communication skills to advocate for a quality assurance framework to district administrators.
Data: Users reported a 71% increase in confidence in feeling more equipped to speak in a persuasive manner to inspire change in high quality accessibile material

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Screenshot 2023-05-01 202924.png
Genially: Microlearning Tutorial Apple Voice Over  

My Role: Technical Trainer
The Problem: 
The staff was overwhelmed by the amount of information presented in a single accessible technology tutorial. They were performing low on technical skill assessments
The Solution: 
Rewrite the tutorial in a microlearning format in the following format:

Data Analysis:  The workers in this performance-based training reported a task retention rate of using the Apple iOS device on 65% over baseline after completing this tutorial everyday 12 days.

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Computer with a purple background; open slide of microlearning course
My Role: Senior Instructional Designer 
The Problem:  Integrate Trauma Informed Network was rebranding the name of the professionals who work within a trauma informed perspective.  An infomtional video explaing that the people will be same, although the title of SME would be more appropriate for developing business realtiosnhips 
Solution:  Create an informational video explaining the role of a Subject Matter Expert.  
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animated vyond characters

Storyboarding: Generation Mindful Social-Emotional Improvisation Parenting Course (shared with permission)
My Role: Senior Instructional Designer 
The Problem:  Parents who bought snuggle buddies from Generation Mindful requested more educational materials to use with their snuggle buddies to support their young kids in developing their emotional development 
Solution:  In the storyboard, the Generation Mindful Team and I sequenced the Social Emotional Improvisation curriculum into a scope and sequence aligned with the learning video media for the course.
Data: This course will be launching in December 2023. TBD on data.
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sceenshot of the Storyboard for the Generation Mindful couse
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